Wheelie bins

Bell Waste Control operates a range of various sized Eurobins for small volume waste. They are manoeuvrable, hygienic and come with lockable wheels and lids for safety and security. The service is designed to offer regular, scheduled collections throughout the North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire area.

These bins are ideal for retail outlets, pubs, restaurants and light industrial areas producing waste such as plastic, paper and cardboard. They are also practical for large factories or warehouses that need containers for confined areas that can be moved manually.

For mixed recyclables, we offer a bag collection scheme; we provide the required equipment for this service in varying sizes.

We offer a dry mixed and cardboard only recycling scheme, which can help clear your workplace waste in an environmentally compliant and useful way.

We have a bin for homes and businesses of all sizes, and dry mixed and cardboard only recycling can have many significant benefits:

  • Improve recycling performance
  • Achieve environmental compliance
  • Save money

The following bin sizes are avaliable for general waste, dry mixed, paper and cardboard recycling only:

  • 240 litres
  • 360 litres
  • 660 litres
  • 1100 litres

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What size wheelie bin?

Capacity Height Width Depth
240 litres 1.07 metres 0.73 metres 0.57 metres
360 litres 1.10 metres 0.86 metres 0.62 metres
660 litres 1.34 metres 1.20 metres 0.70 metres
1100 litres 1.37 metres 1.28 metres 0.98 metres
1280 litres 1.45 metres 1.28 metres 1.00 metres

Vehicle dimensions

Gross Vehicle Weight
26.00 Tonnes
Vehicle Length
10.00 Metre
Pick-up Length
11.50 Metre
Travel Height
3.90 Metre
Operating Height
4.00 Metre
Vehicle Width
2.50 Metre
Turning circle
17.50 Metre

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