Roll-on, roll-off

Bell Waste operates the roll-on roll-off service for producers of high volumes of waste. The larger 40 cu-yd skips are ideal for retail outlets, factories and businesses producing bulkier items, as well as recycling materials such as card, metals and plastics.

For the construction industry, we offer low-sided alternatives for brick, soil and concrete. Being low-sided, the 16 and 20 cu-yd skips allow waste to be loaded easier, which is ideal for inert and bulky waste.

We also have a vast range of enclosed roll-on roll-offs and compactors. Please contact the sales team for more information.

What size roll-on, roll-off?

Capacity Height Width Depth
16 cubic yards 1.02 metres 6.10 metres 2.40 metres
20 cubic yards 1.24 metres 6.10 metres 2.40 metres
40 cubic yards 2.70 metres 6.10 metres 2.40 metres

Also available are fully enclosed compaction containers in various sizes.

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